Lindstrom is now offering a unique Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Bin Pack Program to circumvent the need for customers to repack parts to accommodate end-user stocking modules. This program lowers your acquisition, handling and possession costs relative to point-of-use fasteners and class C components.

The features and benefits of the Lindstrom VMI program include:

  • Eliminate secondary packaging and handling
  • Significantly reduce your on-hand inventories
  • Eliminate the need for secondary labeling
  • Bulk inventory remnants eradicated
  • Multi-lot traceability through to point-of-use
  • Reduction of comingling of parts in bins
  • Pack multiples can be used to accommodate different sized bins
  • Current special freight and rebate terms will be applied

Lindstrom also offers stock and release, allocated inventory, consignment programs, usage tracking by component, and monthly/quarterly customer reviews.

Lindstrom offers these services and more, with minimal or no upcharge.

For more information on Lindstrom’s VMI Bin Pack Program, contact your inside sales representative today.

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