Our founder, Virg Lindstrom.

virg picVirgil W. Lindstrom was born and raised in Minnesota.  After graduating from college with a degree in business and economics, he was drafted into the Army.  After six years of military service, Virg found a job with a Minnesota company as a buyer of non-fastener components.  That first job led to an interest in the metric system.  It hadn’t been a topic in most U.S. schools and Lindstrom recalled that “I didn’t know a lot about it.”  His curiosity led him to learn about specialty metric fasteners, and in 1983 Virg opened ‘Lindstrom Metric, Inc.’

A true master distributor.

By the 1990’s, Lindstrom secured its reputation as an expert source in the fastener industry. The company spread its footprint by making acquisitions and opening new locations across the country. As it continued to expand, the company faced a choice: continue to sell to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), or focus exclusively on distributors.

By choosing to sell exclusively to distributors, Lindstrom was able to build a series of strong, long-lasting customer relationships with distributors across the world. These relationships are what have made Lindstrom a leading master distributor today.

Lindstrom remains focused on the customer.

As Lindstrom continues to grow, the two missions remain the same: provide excellent customer service and total product availability.

The entire organization revolves around these missions. Our sourcing team ensures that all products are in stock when and where you need them. Our warehouse operations guarantee that orders large and small ship on-time. Our knowledgeable sales staff can answer any question you may have.

Every inch and millimeter of the company is focused on the customer’s experience.


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