Statement to our Customer

Hydrogen Embrittlement per ASTM F1941/F1941M-15

Lindstrom is committed to supplying products that meet or exceed all current and applicable specifications and standards. Therefore we are making this announcement to conform to the new ASTM specification noted above regarding the prevention of hydrogen embrittlement as it relates to socket products.

Effective 4/1/2017, Lindstrom will be purchasing only products that meets the ASTM baking requirement specifications for socket products. Specific to parts with HRC 39 to 44, the minimum bake time will be increased to 14 hours; over 44 HRC will be increased to a minimum of 24 hours.

Any and all socket components purchased by Lindstrom on or after this date will meet the new requirement and will have vendor-provided test certificates indicating their conformance. All current and past inventories will be “grandfathered” to the previous specification. The newly purchased products will be given new part numbers to denote conformance. As older inventory is removed, it will be replenished with new part numbers meeting the new specification.  As a result of this change, we expect prices to escalate based on extended furnace times and the related testing requirements.

Please advise your Lindstrom customer service representative at the time of quote and/or order if you require all socket products to immediately conform to the new specification.



Rob Lucas

V.P. Business Development